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Traditional Delicious Eat Booth and Restorants in Yogyakarta

Wanna eat good food in Yogyakarta and around? It’s easy. These towns have the warehouse of delicious food which starts from morning far into the night, from cozy place with AC like restaurant to sitting within crossing legs with mats (lesehan). You remain to choose according to your appetite and which has mood to you. Usually when you reach Yogyakarta, surely is GUDEG which we look for first time. Correct in Jakarta or other town, this food truly disperse everywhere and have become icon separate for town Yogyakarta and through this article you'd be invited circle to see that Yogyakarta not merely gudeg which searched for, there are many food type again that can invite your eat appetite. Enjoy the food in Yogyakarta truly preoccupy. If wishing explore food in Yogyakarta, possibly will very assist if you have the consanguinity or friend in Yogyakarta to assist you, Yogyakarta is not a big town, but food problem quite a lot these places can be visited to get eat satisfaction style Yogyakarta

Are in fact quite lot types of food place met in Yogyakarta. Start from restaurant, roadside booth, sit of mat, up to eat booth in the countrified environment. If you interest to try multifariously food in Yogyakarta, please use the guidance in this article.


1. Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti / Fried Chicken Mrs. Suharti
This restaurant has opened branch in some towns in Java for example in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. In Yogyakarta fried chicken restaurant Mrs. Suharti located in Laksda Adisucipto street no.208. The telephone can be contacted is 0274-515522, 451120. Fried Chicken presented by this restaurant is fried chicken with Kalasan flavor fried chicken kremes. Kremes is flavour residue wearied to cook the chicken then mixed with the flour and fried, then its spread above present chicken, which felt very crispy. Fried Chicken with taste typical crispy is presented with kremes flavour is like fried chicken Mrs. Suharti. Fried Chicken Mrs.Suharti famous with his crispy and truly soft, because made from young enough kampong chicken. Besides chicken menu, when visitor wish the vegetable hence transparent and threatened can become one of choice to enjoy the fried chicken. His beverage menu even also not fail to lure the appetite, kopyor ice which have seldom be met in Yogyakarta can become one of choice, because taste very fresh. Fried Chicken Mrs. Suharti can be enjoyed at the price starting of Rp.25.000, 00 for cutting semi chicken tail complete with sambal and vegetable lalapan (raw). This restaurant enough wide so that can accommodate hundreds of incoming guest every day.

2. Ayam Kalasan Mbok Berek / Chicken Kalasan Mrs. Berek
Fried Chicken with taste typical crispy is presented with flavour kremes is like fried chicken Mrs. Suharti. One intact chicken portion price at Rp.57.000, 00 and for a half portion at Rp.30.000, 00. Fried Chicken Mbok Berek located in side Hospital Panti Rini, Roadway Jogja-Solo km 13,5, Pugeran Timur street no.24 (at elbow SMA 7) and in Kaliurang street km.16, Pakem. Fried Chicken Mbok Berek restaurant open every day including Sunday from at 08.00-21.00 WIB.

3. Ayam Kalasan Bu Sastro / Chicken Kalasan Mrs. Sastro
This kremes fried chicken is very in demand so that we sometime have to order beforehand through telephone 0274-497096, one day before all. During journey to this restaurant you can at the same time enjoy luxury of Kalasan temple and Prambanan temple. For incoming visitor will a few difficulties look for this restaurant location because this restaurant locates in solo street km 14 till find the moat mataram. If you confuse, ask to people around where is situation house of Bu Sastro Kalasan. You’d get the correct answer.

4. Ayam Goreng Bu Tini / Fried Chicken Mrs. Tini
This fried Chicken made of ripe kampong chicken with bacem flavour so have sweet race goal and served by the warmness. This fried chicken taken a fancy to customers. This fried chicken can be enjoyed with sambal which is having the beloved taste, and also vegetable lalapan (raw). Fried chicken Mrs Tini restaurant reside in crossroad of Gadjah Mada street and Sultan Agung street No.17, telephone 0274- 543 670. This restaurant opens every day from 08.00 - 21.00 WIB. One intact kampong chicken portion price at Rp.45.000, 00 and if wishing with ati ampela his price becomes Rp. 47.500,00.

5. Ayam Betutu Jimbaran / Chicken Betutu Jimbaran
Chicken betutu made of intact stewed kampong chicken in presto pan till his flesh softens. In chicken cavity threaded spices multifarious typical Bali which make the chicken become the brass because the turmeric in the spices. The chicken feel crispy and a few hot is served with chicken broth nyam-nyam that can be decanted to warm rice as gravy, it’s also can be enjoyed with multifarious sambal (chili fickle) typically Jimbaran. This Chicken restaurant betutu Jimbaran available in Resto Jimbaran locate in Damai street and Kaliurang street km 12, 5 Yogyakarta, telephone 0274-446 3983. This restaurant offers the rural atmosphere which really beautiful. Visitor could sit in Saung or in Pendopo after ordering formerly menu to be dined, fried or burned. Intact Rasher chicken can be enjoyed at the price of Rp. 60.000,00 and we can order him a half.

6. Ayam Goreng Mbok Sabar / Fried Chicken Mrs. Sabar
Fried Chicken Mbok Sabar has taste much the same with Fried chicken Mrs.Tini, a few sweeter only can compared to the fried chicken Mrs.Tini. Mbok Sabar Restaurant reside in the Jagalan street No.23 Yogyakarta, telephone 0274-588 467, or in Magelang street km 7, telephone 0274-868 035. One fried chicken cutting intact equal to Rp.35.000, 00, and if wishing to add with ati ampela his price become Rp.37.500,00. Fried Chicken Mbok Sabar opens every day from at 08.00 - 21.00 WIB.

7. Ayam Goreng Ninit / Fried Chicken Ninit
Fried Chicken Ninit recognized with the briny crispy taste and also the flesh is very soft because cooked with presto pan before fried crunchy. This chicken is not presented with kremes flavour like fried chicken Kalasan, it’s only with assorted sambal (chili fickle) and vegetable lalapan (raw). This fried chicken bone is soft, likely can be spelled out members differ from the others fried chicken, crispy but a few beloveds. Fried Chicken Ninit restaurant located in C. Simanjuntak street No.36, Terban, Yogyakarta, telephone 0274 - 7484 777. Fried Chicken Ninit restaurant open every day start at 09.00 - 20.30 WIB.

8. Ayam Goreng Tojoyo / Fried Chicken Tojoyo
Fried Chicken Tojoyo become the pledge because have crispy taste of kampong chicken. His fried chicken felt soft at the time nipped. Typical Crispy of kampong chicken is also guaranteed growing your night scrumptious. Every day fried chicken Tojoyo restaurant always multitude visited by the visitor. Fried Chicken Tojoyo restaurant open in Urip Sumoharjo Street (Solo Street) No.133, open since at 18.00 - 23.00 WIB.

SAMBAL (Chili Fickle)

1. Warung SS (Special Sambal) / Booth Special Chili
In this booth you can enjoy 23 type of Sambal like sambal smack down (sambal eel), sambal bull shit (sambal ketchup), sambal terrorist (sambal plough), sambal terasi, sambal small fish, sambal tempe, sambal rempela ati, sambal ijo, sambal terong, sambal the end (sambal tomato), sambal goalpal (sambal onion) and etcetera. From the 23 sambal type, fresh terasi become customer favorite because most maximal heat the tongue. This Sambal presented with hot rice in cething (place of rice) of bamboo. Besides sambal, this booth also provides the other menu which not hot, like 14 kinds of multifarious side dish (flesh food) and 8 kinds of vegetable can be tried. You can find Booth SS in Timoho street North campus APMD, Kaliurang street west other side precisely Graha Sabha Pramana UGM, Pandega Marta street km 0,5, Babarsari street, Kaliurang street km 13.Booth SS open start at 16.00 - 21.00.The Sambal price is vary start from price Rp.1000,00 - Rp.4000,00.

2. Sambal Bawang Bu Santi / Onion Sambal Mrs. Santi
Sambal Bawang Bu Santi restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Yogyakarta because his pledge hot onion sambal unbelievable. This restaurant is arranged with unique. This eat place in the form of area sit of enough wide mat with 12 long dining tables. Each desk available two tightly closed place of rice so that rice is fixed heat. One place of rice contains the white rice, one place of uduk rice. Customer can take the rice without surcharge. As friend eat the rice and sambal available various side dish (flesh food) like burned chicken and fried chicken, burned or fried fish. Sambal Bawang Bu Santi located in intersection Babarsari street and Seturan street, start open at 11.00 - 02.00 WIB. Every menu can be enjoyed from price Rp.8.000, 00 - Rp.11.000, 00.

3. Pondok Cabe / Chili Maisonette
This Chili Maisonette Restaurant has very cheap price and his menu very variety. His Pledge menu is mushroom pepes which different with others, and also served vary sambal so that customers can choose the menu that very lure the eat appetite. Besides there’s also menu soto angkring that availableness start at 10.00-17.00 WIB and java noodle is available from at 17.00-22.00. You better try 12 choice of sambal style chili maisonette, hot sensation is surely made you really release the tear, because presented food really fresh, start from hot rice, sambal and the meat really lifted of frying pan or from burning. This Chili Maisonette locates in Gejayan Street No.26 B, Yogyakarta. This Restaurant starts open at 10.00-22.00 WIB. Other excess which on the market by this restaurant for example is the existence of live music every Sunday night, that make the visitor more and more get satisfaction of the dish moment dine alongside their desk. Besides is service delivery able to be done by contacting No. telephone 0274 - 700 1180.

4. Oseng-Oseng Mercon Ahmad Dahlan / Oseng-Oseng Crackers Ahmad Dalan
Oseng-Oseng crackers is mention for the type of unique food namely oseng-oseng kikil (food of cow hide) which cooked with many chili and its taste super hot. Is but warned these oseng-oseng crackers only special for the hot lovers, because these oseng-oseng crackers taste extraordinary hot. Mostly incoming visitors feel hot shall release the tear and mucus in the centre of eat event. This eat booth situation can be gone from big post Yogyakarta office through to west, after pass PKU Muhamadiyah is right side near by arch. These eat booth start open at 16.00 WIB till finish.

5. Lesehan Maharani
This Lesehan (the place which way eat sit in the plaited mat) provides various menu fried and burned chicken, tempe (fermented soybean), soybean cake, egg and kinds of fish which is direct to be mixed with his sambal. Addition is here is vegetable asem and lalapan (raw) also able to be helped its self. The Idiosyncrasy of these dish is lay in the sambal tomato terasi (compacted shrimp) which is always searched for by customers. This restaurant located in area Baciro, Melati Wetan Street No.46. This balmy place restaurant starts open at 10.00 - 23.30 WIB and the price on the market cheap relative.

6. Lesehan Bojonegoro
The menu on the market in this restaurant not far differ from Lesehan Maharani be like chicken, tempe (fermented soybean), soybean cake, egg and various fish type can be burned or fried. Excellence is from this place is his lauk (flesh food) served whilst still hot so that buyer better bear with just to be able to taste the food. Hot storey sambal served also able to be determined, thus if not too hot taking a fancy you better do not ask many chili. This restaurant located in Candi Gebang Street No.47 Condong Catur, Yogyakarta. Lesehan Bojonegoro starts every day open from at 10.00-22.30 WIB. The price menu is cheap relative, so that mostly many students choose to eat here. Lesehan Bojonegoro this accept delivery through No telephone 0274-4462073.

ANGKRINGAN (eath booth in form of wagon tend)

1. Angkringan Lik Adi
It doesn’t like angkingan booth in general that providing simple menu, this angkringan Lik Adi a few rather elite. This Angkringan is a phenomenon bewilder because the only one angkringan which clearly mention the commodity sale complete with revolutionary price. This Angkringan offer not less than 18 food type is put down in nampan and baskom (food places) which straggle of desk. That food for example fried lele, fried chicken, bustard, jerohan (innards) ox fry. Angkringan Lik Adi can be found in Kotagede, in skewer are between Pramuka Street and Tegal Gendu Street. You just searching banner orange big write down ' Nganggo Suwe' with the meaning wear for long time. These eat booth start open at 16.00-05.00 WIB. Price to every menu vary start from Rp.400, 00 - Rp.4.000, 00.

2. Angkringan Lik Man
This Angkringan recognized wide as a place squat students, community cyber like blogger and chatter, journalist, actor, cultural, pedicab worker. Even public figure also makes this Angkringan Lik Man as a place to enjoy the night. Customers can enjoy the cool and hot beverage. Beverage favorite choice is joss coffee, presented by heat coffee plunging the charcoal smolder into glass contain the coffee infusion. Cheap Cat rice (the rice wrapped with banana leaf) at the price of Rp.1000, 00 found one in the food oseng tempe and sambal small fish, and also assorted fries. For the liking the warm dish, you can ask the warm all steward dishes including food and fries. Steward will heat by burned. The food become more delicious burned is mendoan (the flour fried tempe), content soybean cake, tempe bacem, chicken head and of course snack burned jadah as a friend drink to coffee. This Angkringan reside in northly monument station till find the Wongsodirjan Street. This Angkringan start open at 18.00 WIB till finish.

3. Angkringan Pak Parjo
Besides public menu sold like complement food and cat rice, angkringan Mr. Parjo also have snack typical ness that is burned jadah containing sweet dodolt. Angkringan Pak Parjo also has the special beverage that is warm ginger soy gist, mixed with soy milk sliced ginger thinly. It’s nutritious and warm and also cheap once. Angkringan felt please with aura Kraton which jell and gloomy lighting. This Angkringan located in downtown and easy hard to be found. This Angkringan reside in the Gamelan Street (plengkung Wijilan continue to south), precisely in road westside, there is tending tan. This Angkringan start open at 16.00WIB. The Refreshments price of the menu is very cheap once start from price Rp.1000, 00.

4. Angkringan Sebul
This Angkringan not in form of wagon tend in general, but is high rise bamboo shack in enough wide area that almost always full motorbike in night. Presented menus here more complete from angkringan in general. Besides favorite menu like rice oseng-oseng (the rice wrapped with banana leaf), intestine sate, quill egg sate, scrawl, and kinds of fries, also available fried lele fish, mangut lele, fried done and rissole of delicious cassava leaf. Specification of is differ from angkringan is wide eat area, do not close quarters in long bench like in general.. Available many eat desks and chair, also mat for prefer to sit within crossing legs. Besides balmy to fiddle, this angkringan Sebul also install the projector displaying film or music, add balmily atmosphere to spend the night. Angkringan Sebul opens in the evening till night and resides in the Timoho Street, side south Happy Land hospital. Price food and beverage here is cheap relative and vary.


1. Bakmi and Balungan Bacem Sabar Menanti
Discourse culinary yogyakarta noted for also his java noodle, namely ripe wet noodles with java food flavour and vegetable like cabbage, mustard, tomato. Provided menu in place enough vary. There is noodle godhog (braise) and fried, fried rice magelangan (fried noodles and rice grow into one), chap cay, rica-rica and soup. Besides is balungan bacem namely the chicken bone still leave over a few ripe fleshes with flavour bacem and hot. This menu said that make the customers always misses to come again to enjoy it. This restaurant located in Kolonel Sugiyono Street, precisely in front of Museum Perjuangan.

2. Bakmi Kadin
Especial menu in this booth is noodle godhog (braise) and fried noodle crispy that famous because mixture shrimp and duck egg in cookery. Favorite beverage customers is wedang bajigur (kind of mix ice), wedang ginger (ginger gist water) with young coconut cutting. If Sunday night, it’s difficult to get the vacant lot here except you volunteer stand up await other customer have finish with his eating. Kadin Noodle located in Bintaran Kulon Street 3 - 6, precisely side office KADIN DIY, with telephone 0274-373396. Prices to every portion start from Rp.16.000, 00 - Rp.22.000, 00.

3. Bakmi Kupluk Setiawan
This noodle is known as Kupluk Noodle because the cooky always dress as international restaurant and hotel chef which complete with white hat boost and by customer referred kupluk. This depot is recognized of the size big enough dish portion. His fried noodle is mixture between flimsy and thick egg noodleses with many vegetables. Besides noodle, also available kwetiau (Chinese food) and fried rice. This depot resides in the Wonosari Street km 7, 5. Price to every portion gyrate Rp.7.000, 00 - Rp.9.000, 00.

4. Bakmi Doring
Since first stand up around year of 1984, this noodle booth has to subscribe cultures like Emha Ainun Nadjib, Heru Kesawamurti, Handung Kussudiharjo, Butet Kartarejasa, Jadug Ferianto and others. One typical dish matter which make the customer always return is poci tea typically Yogyakarta, the tea presented with clay cup and pot, complete with lump sugar. Bakmi Doring booth located in Suryowijayan Street about 100 m in north of crossroad Pojok Beteng Kulon. This booth opens at 17.00 - 24.00 WIB.

5. Bakmi Pele, Alun-Alun Utara
This booth in form of cloister booth with tarpaulin tent and orange color banner write down "Mr. Pele". Customers enjoy the dish by sitting lesehan (sit on the plaited mat) performed in park block area wide enough ness. This eat booth pledge is given by Java noodle with cutting jerohan (kind of innards) scrumptious chicken. Fried noodle seen so-so, like java noodle normal with chocolate color and scattering its above with celery. But like people food in general, presentation is truly is not point especial because taste is everything. Sweet and crispy java noodle flavour with cuttings jerohan scrumptious chicken truly properly make it become the legend. But special which are his noodles, Its thick noodles and bigger than yellow noodles of habit. It’s truly very delicious. Noodle booth Mr. Pele located a few meters from Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, precisely in south-east corner Alun-alun Utara Yogyakarta. Noodle Mr. Pele can be enjoyed at the price of mean Rp.10.000, 00 per portion.

6. Bakmi Mbah Mo, Manding
This noodle be in fact do not far differ from the noodle in general, there is mingled by the chicken flesh and egg also, but specification of noodle in this booth is its ripe way which done per one portion, so that flavour taste snugly. The beverage accompanies the noodle dish is tea and ginger with lump sugar. Bakmi Mbah Mo Booth located in Code village, Bantul, about 9 km of downtown Yogyakarta. Fringe the Parangtritis Street till crossroad Manding (Km 8) then turn to west. About 1, 5 km there is crossroad then turn to north. About one kilometre there’s arch and monument as entrance to countryside code. After entering the countryside arch, you will be met by the nameplate show the famous booth situation in Bantul. These Simple booths open at 17.00-23.00 WIB.

7. Bakmi Jawa Bu Cipto
The booth major sells the java noodle only opening when nighttime till early morning. Besides gravy java noodle, Mrs. Cipto serves the treat of fried noodle and fried rice. All food done by Mrs.Cipto, she cooked use the wood charcoal and charcoal burner. Java noodle Mrs. Cipto will felt easier if dined with crisply rambak husk, peyek, and chips emping, that is truely various snack provided in the booth. There's nothing can predict a lot of number visitors from outside Yogyakarta come to Mrs. Cipto booth which located in countryside Kromodangsan, Margorejo, Tempel, Sleman. Even in duration of one night Mrs. Cipto can sell 50 till 100 bowls. Without more than Rp.15.000, 00 hence hungry stomachs will feel full with Mrs. Cipto food.

8. Bakmi Jombor
This booth have the pledge menu is always liked by the customers namely rice Godog (braise). A kind of java godog noodle which then given a few rice. Beside godog rice, also available noodle godog and magelangan (mix rice of fried noodle). The taste of the dish is really typically because it’s altogether cooked by using charcoal fuel. For beverage can be selected is the tea poci with lump sugar. This noodle booth Jombor located in roadway Magelang km 6.3, precisely across the Borobudur hotel or jombor terminal. For the dish of noodle can be enjoyed at the price of just Rp.8000, 00 and for beverage can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.2.500, 00.


1. Bebek Goreng Bumbu Bacem Ny. Suwarni
Fried Duck spice bacem is the pledge menu in this restaurant. The taste of the duck is sweet, a few acids and soft. This Restaurant located in area Prambanan, precisely in west Stasiun Prambanan. Every duck portion can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.11.000, 00.

2. Bebek Kremes Wong Jogja
Duck kremes Wong Jogja have excess at his soft flesh, crispy and not stinking. His Kremes made of whole-wheat is also felt soft and crispy. Besides providing the duck menu, Bebek Kremes Wong Jogja also provides the chicken kremes. The menu can be selected by the restaurant have the slogan ‘Pelopor Itik Kremes’ for example ducks kendil bluhar, kendil tengkleng duck, kendil gule duck and sweet acid duck. This restaurant situation is strategic enough in Kaliurang Street km 5. Besides, Bebek Kremes Wong Jogja also has the branches in Jakarta, Medan and Makasar. To one duck kremes price of Rp.60.000, 00 commensurable enough. Duck cutting menu esteemed at Rp.15.000, 00 per cutting, cheap once. To serve the order customer can phone to 0274-7866090.

BRONGKOS (Kind of Soup)

1. Warung Ijo Bu Padmo
The booth truely paints the green and has been recognized since 50 last year this noted for hot brongkos and flesh crispy. Brongkos is a period of typically east java with dominant kluwah flavour and spices. This Iji booth located under Krasak bridge, in frontier DIY-Central Java, precisely in market patch, under Krasak bridge connecting the region DIY - Central Java. Brongkos can be enjoyed with enough and hot rice saucer at the price of Rp.8.000, 00.

2. Brongkos Handayani
Brongkos served in this booth is vegetable brongkos consisting of the tolo bean, soybean cake, melinjo husk and braise duck egg. Besides brongkos, this booth also provides the other dish namely mixed rice, soto chicken rice and pecel rice. This booth typical beverage is mix ice contain the fresh young coconut and cassava tape. Brongkos Handayani booth open in Gading Street No.2, in south ‘alun-alun kidul’ and start to serve customer since at 06.30 WIB.


Gudeg is made of ripe young jackfruit with sweet flavour. There is two type of Gudeg, which are dry gudeg and wet half gudeg. Wet half Gudeg is enough cooked just a few hours, is while dry gudeg require two days to cook it. Dry Gudeg can hold up till 5 day. Traditional, gudeg cooked in kendil (clay pan) and use the firewood. Gudeg habit served with chicken's egg, soybean cake and krecek fried chili sauce.

1. Gudeg Mbarek
In Mbarek area (Kaliurang Street) there are some restaurants provide Gudeg. Among famous, there’s Gudeg Bu Hj. Ahmad and Gudeg Yu Djum. Gudeg price in that restaurant is vary start from Rp 4.500, 00 - Rp.14.000, 00 for every package eat portion, complete with rice. Gudeg package for present (in place of bamboo bucket or kendil), complete with flesh and krecek fried sambal (without rice) sold at the price of Rp.5000, 00 - Rp.75.000, 00 for every package.

2. Gudeg Pawon
Gudeg in this booth is dry gudeg but rather different from others dry gudeg in general. If dry gudeg in general provided with sweet dry areh chromatic brown, gudeg pawon sprinkled with areh (coconut mink jell to have flavour) which crispy and white chromatic. Is while, gudeg complement is equal in general namely chicken, egg, soybean cake and krecek fried sambal. Gudeg Pawon booth located in Dr. Soepomo Street or Janturan Street, start open nighttime at 23.30 till 03.00 WIB. Though it open at midnight but his customers always huddle to fulfill the narrow kitchen of gudeg place made and presented. Price to one portion of pawon gudeg with chicken gyrate Rp.15.000, 00 - Rp.30.000, 00,, depend on selected menu.

3. Gudeg Permata
The presented Gudeg is wet half gudeg by taste not too sweet and also side dish typical gudeg standard like chicken, egg, and soybean cake and also sambal krecek. Gudeg Permata located in Jewel Theater (Bioskop Permata) west side in Gajah Mada Street. Gudeg Permata open every day, except Sunday, start at 21.00 - 01.00 WIB.

4. Gudeg Wirobrajan
This Gudeg able to be enjoyed at the same time sit in lesehan (sit in plaited mat) in this pavement is enough taken a fancy to customers who don't like the sweet food because it’s tending to briny crispy. Side dish gudeg is same as gudeg in general. Gudeg Wirobrajan presented in pincuk (a kind of bowl) of banana leaf. This Gudeg Wirobrajan located in Wirobrajan Street near by the Wirobrajan crossroad, eastside of the street. This booth is known as slow food booth by the customers because customers have to queue up long time to be served. This gudeg booth open everyday starts at 20.15 - 02.00 WIB.

5. Gudeg Wijilan
Around this Wijilan Street there are some famousness gudeg restaurants like Gudeg Bu Slamet, Gudeg Yu Djum, Gudeg Bu Lies which still stay until now. Just like gudeg in others place, this jogja typical dish can tidy as present drawly by using ' bamboo bucket' (bamboo matting box) or ' kendil' (clay pan). In this gudeg central, consumers not only can dine the dish but also witness the ripe way, even they can follow a tour how to learn cooking gudeg. These activities for example there are in booth Bu Djum. All long full day you'd learn making gudeg, from start cutting ' gori' or young jackfruit, flavour, make the egg pindang, tilll dry areh gudeg above fire. Altogether is under direct tuition of owner, Yu Djum. Gudeg with side dish can be enjoyed at the price start from Rp.20.000, 00 up to Rp.100.000, 00 for per package. There is also offering the economical package Rp.5.000, 00 per portion with side dish soybean cake, tempe (fermented soybean) and egg. These gudeg booths in Wijilan Street in general open start at 06.00 WIB and close at 21.00 WIB.

6. Gudeg Ibukota
Especial menu served is dry gudeg and wet ripe jackfruit, with complement krecek fried sambal, opor egg chicken, soybean cake and tempe (fermented soybean). Also there is special menu typical gudeg ibukota namely chicken ceker gudeg. Gudeg Ibukota booth located in Urip Sumoharjo Street front of gold shop ‘Ibukota'. This Lesehan start open at 21.00 WIB till 06.00 WIB. For ordering, customers can contact no telephone 0274-4462242.

7. Gudeg Nggeneng ISI
At this restaurant customer help they self to take the food any kind available to eaten. Besides menu gudeg here also available deliciously menu is mangut lele, where is the lele (fish) get in advance burned before get mangut. Besides lele, at this restaurant also serve the other various side dishes. There is dry half gudeg ceker, sambal krecek, and cockle sate. All served in a lincak (food table) in kitchen. This restaurant not located great roadside but in narrow gangway and come into the village. Precisely in orchard Ngireng-ireng, Pangunharjo,Sewon, Bantul. You can enter to pass the ISI campus, in Parangtritis Street km 14. Gudeg Nggeneng ISI opens every day start at 11.00 WIB till 16.00 WIB.

8. Gudeg Ceker
Gudeg Ceker (dish of chicken foot) this located in Parangtritis Street. Though long time not yet stand up, but this restaurant very famous by youngster circle in area Parangtritis Street. Gudeg Ceker booth starts open at 18.00 WIB - 03.00 WIB.

SATE (small pieces of meat roasted on skewer)

1. Sate Karang
Sate karang, so people call the legendary beef sate and typically which there are in periphery Lapangan Karang Kotagede. The typicall of Sate Karang set up in his dish choir. Sate Karang served with lontong (rice cooked with leaf) that have the hotness fried sambal tempe gravy. These eat booth start open at 17.00 WIB till 22.30 WIB. Per sate portion can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.14.000, 00.

2. Sate Ambal
This Dish broil place is broilling typically Ambal. Ambal is name of a district in sub-province Kebumen which is famous truely have the typical chicken sate. Specification of this sate lay in made sate flavour from tempe mixed with the chicken broth and coriander flavour and also taste sweet. Sate ambal in his genuiness place is chicken sate, but sate ambal in Baciro this also provide the goat sate with tempe flavour too. This Sate Ambal located in Melati Wetan Street Baciro, precisely beside south of the church. To one portion chicken sate (10 skewers with rice/lontong) can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.6.000, 00, and one goat sate portion (4 skewers with rice/lontong) at the price of Rp.8000, 00. This booth opens from noon till 20.30 WIB.

3. Sate Kambing Pak Nano
This booth provide assorted of goat dish, like tongseng, gule and fried rice. This sate booth is famous because of his hot food, even though his hot can be adapted for the buyer appetite. But for the not hot lover, this restaurant is inadvisable because some visitors which have come to this restaurant usually stomachache ill after going home from the goat sate Mr. Nano restaurant. Goat sate Mr. Nano Booth located in Tirtomulyo Village, in Ring Road Selatan Street No.90, and start open at 12.00 till finish.

3. Sate Klathak
Individuality klathak sate lay in its ripe way. Mutton slice is beforehand mixed with the salt sufficiently then jabed to rib iron of ex- bicycle grate, then grilled above ember till mature. Then, flesh got out of the rib and mixed with the flavour ingredient, then just served. This sate booth located in market Jejeran, around market Wonokromo Pleret, Bantul, about 4 km in south of bus terminal Giwangan. One portion of Klathak sate only containing two skewer but with big flesh slice and can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.8.000, 00.

4. Sate Ngasem
Besides recognized with 'Sate Ngasem' because his situation in Ngasem area, this sate booth also famous by the name of 'Sate Kembar' or ‘Twin Sate’ because this booth is managed by the twin Busro and Basri. The provided menu in this booth enough vary, for example burned and fried sate, gule, tongseng, and also klenyer rice (mix of fried rice and sate), but most famous is tongseng and his sate. The entire menu is from goat flesh. Differentiating the sate Ngasem with other sate is his tastes which tend sweet and served with tomato and shallot slice. This Sate Ngasem located about 200 m in northside market Ngasem or west direction to ‘Alun-alun Utara’. This sate booth starts open at 07.030 WIB - 20.30 WIB.

5. Sate Goreng Ringin/Kronggahan
Fried sate, surely many people questioning what the meaning of it. The specification of this sate booth lay in the sate dish that not burned but fried. Way fry is equal to frying the other food. The goat flesh cutting mixed with the flavour consisting of the garlic, sugar, salt, peppercorn and ketchup. Besides fried sate, this booth also provides gulai, tongseng and thengkleng. Thengkleng is the dish that very searched for the customers in this booth. Sate Goreng Ringin located in area Kronggahan Jombor, Mlati, Sleman. This booth opens from morning till daytime, if it have multitude situation many customers have to queue up.

6. Sate Pak Kromo
These sate famous because its sate flavour which very special. Many people spell out that the Mr. Kromo sate delicious because he’s not meanie of flavour. That why Mr. Kromo Sate which have tens of year stand up till now admit to maintain his typical taste. This Booth Sate Pak Kromo located in Mayjen Suryotomo Sate No.3.

7. Sate Ayam Podo Moro
This Eat Booth Podo Moro sate only providing one menu namely kampong chicken sate with bean flavour. Besides chicken sate, Podo Moro sate booth also provides brutu sate. This restaurant located in Mataram Street No.11, start open at 10.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB every day except Friday. To enjoy the kampong chicken sate just pay at Rp.10.000, 00 per portion and brutu sate at the price of Rp.35.000, 00 per portion.

8. Sate Pak Amat
Specification of this Mr. Amat sate lay in his taste the goat sate traditional typically. Not many flavours in it so that fit’s taste crispy of its flesh. Sate Booth Mr. Amat located in north side of Alun-alun Utara, and start open at 11.00 WIB till midnight.

SOTO (Clear Soup)

1. Soto Pak Marto
Soto Mr. Marto Booth special serves beef Soto with transparent gravy and side dish rissole of potato, fried fermented soybean cake and fried soybean cake. This Soto booth located in S. Parman Street Tamansari and in Janti street, in front of JEC (Jogja Expo Center), start open at 06.00 WIB - 12.00 WIB.

2. Soto Sulung Pak Malik
The served Soto is Soto Sulung, soto typically Madura containing jerohan (entrails as food) ox. Soto eaten with rice wrapped by banana leaf fairish semi fist of hand, with side dish rissole of potato, fish snack or fried krecek. The moment of enjoying Soto Sulung Pak Malik is customers can hear music, from Sulung-Country which every day play in that place. Eat soto at the same time enjoy the music truly thus add fun. Soto Sulung Pak Mardi Booth located in near by Tugu station, which is join place in PJKA (service firm of train). Soto Sulung Booth opens every day start at 09.30 WIB - 15.00 WIB and continued at 17.30 WIB - 21.00 WIB.

3. Soto Lamongan Cak Ngun
This soto is rather differ from Lamongan soto which geniuses usually made of kampong chicken flesh, Soto Lamongan Cak Ngun made of the beef flesh. Soto Lamongan Cak Ngun cheap famous and complete with three fried fermented soybean cake, rissole of potato, and warm tea. Soto Lamongan Cak Ngun located in near by secondhand Terminal Umbulharjo. This very simple booth starts open at 06.30 WIB - 13.30 WIB. To enjoy one complete package and very cheap of Soto Lamongan Cak Ngun enough pay at the price of Rp.6.500, 00.

4. Soto Kadipiro
Soto Kadipiro is ripe kampong chicken soto with java flavour which tend to transparent gravy because without walnut. This soto taste very delicious dined with side dish fried kampong chicken, jerohan (entrails as food) fried chicken or beef empal. Soto Kadipiro located in Wates Street do not far from crossroad Wirobrajan. This booth opens from morning till evening. To enjoy one portion of completeness soto enough pay at the price of Rp.10.000, 00, truly costly relative to a Soto, but this Soto Kadipiro booth have never ever been silent of customers.

5. Soto Sawah
This Soto referred Soto Sawah because in a period forming this booth resides in the middle of wide rice field. Now the rice field has become housing. The served soto by this place is chicken soto Java flavour which tend to the transparent, with the taste like Soto Kadipiro. Soto Sawah located in Soragan Street 700 metre is southward from supermarket Mirota branch Godean Street. To enjoy one portion Soto Sawah is very cheap just pay for Rp.3.000, 00 per bowl.

6. Soto Pak Soleh
Soto Pak Soleh is beef soto with his broth enough jell and crispy and the beef slice quite a lot. This beef Soto cooked with Soto Java flavour simpleness (not many spices) so that his broth ox taste condensed. Its ripe way even also very traditional that is by using materials charcoal fuel. Soto Pak Sholeh located in Wiratama Street Tegalrejo, start open since at 06.30 WIB - 15.00 WIB. This scrumptiousness Soto can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.5.000, 00 per bowl portion.

7. Soto Pak Ngadiran
This Soto taste crispy with a lot soft beef slices. But if you feel his flesh still less, there is special menu with flesh portion double guaranteed gratify your eat ambition. Eat soto Mr. Ngadiran incomplete likely was if not accompanied fried tempe (fermented soybean) which mini fairish flour with maximum taste. If wishing more scrumptious again, try to order fried babat which crispy sweet nuance to equip your goal feel dish. With addition sambal surely will add your eat appetite. Soto Mr. Ngadiran this located in Sanca Street, around area Karang Gayam. To find this Soto booth is easier if through street gejayan then go to printing office kanisius, and then look for the area Karang Gayam.

8. Soto Sewu
From so many Soto booths in Yogyakarta which is costly sometime, soto Sewu booth can become an antithesis (opposite). Name 'Soto Sewu' relate at price a thousand Rupiah for every bowl. Now the price have ever been not applicable again cause effect of increase of elementary materials. But the taste of this soto not fail with soto in other place. This matter seen from immeasurable customers come this soto booth, start from student, worker, till the wealthy people. Even there who come from far simply to prove the delicacy of the cheap soto. This booth does not provide the seat as generally, but perform tens of mats, either inside or in wide backyard. We can enjoy soto with the cheapness side dish like tempe bacem, soybean bacem, mendoan and fried chicken. It’s guaranteed with just money Rp.5.000, 00 you'd satisfied and fully filled. Booth Soto Sewu located in eastside UMY Terpadu campus or in Ring Road Barat Street, precisely in kampong Rukeman, Tamantirto, Yogyakarta.


1. Kupat Tahu SGM
This booth only provides kupat soybean cake, namely the dish consisting of the ketupat cutting, heat fried white soybean cake cutting, taoge and cabbage and sprinkled by gravy consisting of ketchup, fried peanut to box, with chop up garlic flavour and chili. This kupat soybean cake Booth located in crossroad of Kusumanegara Street and Veteran Street, southside of SGM (Sari Husada) factory. This booth opens from morning till afternoon and always have multitude visitor. To enjoy cheapness and delicious kupat soybean cake SGM just pay for Rp.5.000, 00, we can dine a plate of kupat soybean cake, with side dish a glass of dawet ice or sweet tea.

2. Kupat Tahu Parangtritis
Individuality this kupat soybean cake is his taste used bean flavour that very synchronized to incoming visitors tongue. The served menu actually is not only kupat soybean cake, but also bakso kupat, where the bakso containing of mixture kupat. For his beverage there is beras kencur (koempheria galanga rice) ice is properly tried. This kupat soybean cake Booth located in Parangtritis Street km 4,5 Yogyakarta, precisely beside south crossroad of Ring Road Selatan Street and Parangtritis Street. This booth install the big nameplate which write down ‘Tahu Tellupat', so that visitor will not shall lost the way. Guaranteed at the price of less than Rp.10.000, 00 hence visitor can eat till fully filled.


1. Bale Bengong
Bale Bengong provide various seafood and chicken food. There is pole shrimp honey sauce, plecing kangkung, burned shrimp of bamboo and etcetera. There is beverage typical Bale Bengong namely burned coconut that is young coconut which burned beforehand then just opened, decanted by his water and dredged by its kernel that the taste very typical. Restaurant Bale Bengong located in Solo Street km 12, precisely rear SPBU Kalasan, No telephone 0274-7836737.

2. Restoran Beukenhof
Dish in this restaurant is presented not prasmanan but in carte style. As opener food (appetizer) there’s available multifarious salad or Calmari Fritti. After that multifarious soup type can be selected. As especial menu available pledge food that is steak like Boeuf Bourguignon or Black Pepper Snapper. This restaurant occupy old building that have the colonial architecture, located in complex Museum Ullen Sentalu, Kaliurang, precisely in Boyong Street No telephone 0274-895131. This restaurant opens on Tuesday till Sunday start at 10.00 till 16.00 WIB. This restaurant install the price like star hotel restaurant. Appetizer, price mean of soup and also salad about Rp.19.000, 00 per portion. Entree like steak can be enjoyed at the price mean of Rp.30.000, 00.

3. Cak Koting Bu Meti
This restaurant presents the eat place style lesehan Malioboro. The menu presented for example fried and burned dones, fried and burned duck, fried and burned chicken, ati ampela, fried jerohan, lele, gurame, nila, soto sulung, rujak cingur, hodgepodge, pecel Madiun, soybean cake, tempe penyet and also bakso, there is also green hot chili vegetable and sambal terong. This Pledge menu is done fried iso. This restaurant located in Dr. Sutomo Street (in front of Mataram Cinema) and starts open at 10.00 WIB till lateness. Because this restaurant location precise roadside, visitors can choose do will sit in chair or lesehan at the same time enjoy the night elapse. Presented dish could be enjoyed at the price of Rp.1.500, 00 till Rp.16.500, 00 per portion.

4. Dixie Easy Dining
One of some facilities that given by this restaurant to his customers there are some eat places which made by the chair of cane matting and setting outdoor that giving cold impression and beautiful. Added again with facility hot spot and the TV cable is truly reserved to make incoming visitors forbear staying. This restaurant present assorted of European and Indonesia food. Multifarious of soup, salad, seafood, beef food, chicken flesh, sandwich, noodles and pasta and also all kinds of fried rice can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.8.000, 00 – Rp.49.000, 00. Various coffee beverage, cocktails and multifarious kinds of cake also available here that can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.5.000, 00 – Rp.49.000, 00. This restaurant located on Gejayan Street No. 40b and starts open at 10.00 WIB - 22.00 WIB.

5. Sekar Kedaton
This restaurant offer three exclusive outlet that is eat place style Rijstaffel with accecories typically java in first floor, lounge with atmosphere java offering wine and immeasurable beverage in second floor, and also fruit dish and tea in boutique residence in second floor. Special dish which provided by this restaurant for example Javanese Buffet, Soup, Timlo Solo, Rendang, Chicken Curry, Javanese Noodle, Trancam, Steam Rice, Sambal Terasi, Sambal Ketchup, Pickle and others. Customers can try the beverage wedang secang because this type of beverage has seldom been met in Jogja. This restaurant located in Tegalgendu Street No 28, Kotagede and telephone 0274-386868 and starts open at 11.00 - 23.00 WIB. Every served dish in this restaurant can be enjoyed with price mean Rp.70.000, 00 for every person.

6. Gabah Resto
This restaurant offer various international foods like multifarious steak and some local food like rawon. Gabah Resto located in Dewi Sartika Street 11A Sagan, telephone 0274-515626. This restaurant is for nob customers and open every day from lunch hour till dinner hour. For every dish menu can be enjoyed at the price starting from Rp.60.000, 00 for every person.

7. Restoran Gajah Wong (Gadjah Wong Garden Restaurant)
This restaurant has romantic Nuance that has three areas which have different atmosphere theme too, country section, gamelan section and jazz/classic section. Various international foods available in this place start from India, Asian, Italian food, as well as special menus host creation. This restaurant reside in Gejayan Street Soropadan DP III/79, near by Jembatan Merah / Red Bridge, telephone 0274-588294, and start open every day at 18.00 - 22.30 WIB. All served menus can be enjoyed at the price starting of Rp.30.000, 00 - Rp.120.000, 00 per person.

8. Hegar
Hegar entree is a period of typically Java presented prasmananly. Restaurant Hegar located in Solo Street km 9, telephone of 0274-488833, and starts open every day at 10.00 - 22.00 WIB. Served menu can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.20.000, 00 - Rp.30.000, 00 for every person.

9. Pesta Perak
This restaurant presenting many java food like sop, rice, noodle and fried bihun, multifarious tumis, vegetable odeh, vegetable kare, oseng-oseng, gudeg, fried chicken, chicken sate, lumpia, tahu tempe bacem, multifarious pepes, rolade / beefsteak, fried potato, lotek, hodgepodge, keredok, rolling soybean cake, multifarious mush, lotis, and jajan pasar / market snacks. This restaurant located in Tentara Rakyat Mataram Street No.8, telephone 0274-563255 and 0274-566318. Every served menu prasmananly can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.50.000, 00 per person.

10. Restoran Omah Dhuwur
This restaurant has typical Kotagede architecture which has age more than 100 year. This Resto dish is very exclusive that available in this place. Wedang Lombok and Keripik Singkong presented as Welcome Drink. Wedang Lombok is irrigating chili broiled which is mixed with serai and cinnamon so that the taste is fresh. International menus presented uniquely, for example Omah Dhuwur Steak presented with complement of cassava braise in the place of fried potato, and also the sauce madeness from tempe. This restaurant located in Mondorakan Street No.252, Kotagede, telephone 0274-374952. All food here has unique taste and International way that can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.100.000, 00 for every person.

11. Rumah Makan Bu Tjitro / Bu Tjitro Restaurant
A long time ago this restaurant is recognized wide as restaurant with his deliciousness gudeg kendhil, then expand and occupy in the larger area. Besides providing gudeg, this restaurant also presents the other Indonesian food, seafood, Chinese food and European food. Restaurant Bu Tjitro provide the cathering service to serve ordering of institution and civil good. As commitment to consumer, the package can send to your place free of charge. Restaurant Bu Tjitro located in Janti Street 330, in front of JEC (Jogja Expo Center), telephone 0274-564734. Besides in Jogja, restaurant Bu Tjitro also have the branch Jakarta in Ciputat Raya Street 110 Pondok Pinang Jakarta Selatan. Menu gudeg kendhil can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.50.000, 00 - Rp.85.000, 00.

12. Superman
Superman is the epithet given by local society to call the restaurant owner that have original name Suparman. This nickname then makes this restaurant famous. The excellence of this restaurant for example is available variety food. There are various kinds of Chinese food, European food, Italian food, American food, Asian food and of course Indonesian food. All food can be enjoyed at the price not too costly. This restaurant located in one of the gangway in tourist kampong Sosrowijayan Street and open every day at 07.30 - 23.00 WIB. Price to every menu gyrates to flog thousand Rupiah for every people.

13. Kedai Kebun
This restaurant doubles as an art gallery popular and artistic among actor in Jogja because becoming the place to gather, discuss and demonstrate the swan song. This Restaurant provide various menu, start from traditional Java food till European food and also various fresh fruit juice. This aliance between restaurant and gallery make the Kedai Kebun / garden shop visited by many foreign countries tourists. Kedai Kebun located in Tirtodupuran Street No.3 Yogyakarta.

14. Indraloka Resto & Café
In this place available fried rice typical Indraloka which is chromatic a few greenness because containing sun chlorella which good for throw away the poison / toxin in body. Indraloka Resto & Cafe also provide the European food like Barbeque Ribs and Steak, Indonesian food like fried Java noodles, sop buntut, Chinese food like gung pao noodles, sechzuan. This Restaurant and Cafe located in Cik Dik Tiro Street 18, telephone 0274-544428 and open at 11.00 - 22.00 WIB.

15. Sabar Menanti
The available menus here for example are pecel empal, mangut lele and empal flesh. This restaurant located in Solo street km 11, in the street south side. To every served menu can be enjoyed at the price from Rp.9000, 00 - Rp.11.000, 00 for each portion.

16. Umbul Merapi
Restaurant Umbul Merapi provide the typical dish like pepes mushroom, mushroom sate, and green fried rice. Mushroom used many in dish of food that offered to guests at this restaurant because societies in region cangkringan truely have sufficiently long become farmer of multifarious conducting of consumption mushroom. Umbul Merapi located in crossroad Cangkringan Street Kaliurang heading for the Padang Golf Merapi.

17. Iga Bakar
This restaurant special presents food from rib of ox. The menu on this restaurant highly varied like Konro soup, burned rib bombay, burned rib hotly, burned rib gravy, burned rib honey, rib soup and marangi sate. Rib which presented is very soft because it put in a high pressured pan beforehand. The flesh patch bone can direct cut with spoon or fork without knife although knife is fixed provided. For the visitor who do not like the beef, there’s also available some choice menus for example chickens suwir gravy sambal and burned chicken sambal hot. Presented Beverage menu even also vary, like cucumber splash, java sugar acid, ices and interesting tea of lime honey. Restaurant Iga Bakar located in Gejayan Street (now Affandi Street) telephone 0274-561967, precisely some metres before Niaga Bank, at east side street, branch in Kaliurang Street km 5,5 telephone 0274-543707 and new branch in Sagan, near by Lembaga Indonesia Perancis which complete with the hotspot. These restaurants start open at 10.00 - 22.00 WIB. For the price of food gyrate Rp.15.000, 00 - Rp.25.000, 00 and for the price of beverage gyrate Rp.3000, 00 - Rp.8.500, 00.


1. Monalisa
Monalisa provide the burger, hotdog, spagheti, pizza, fried potato with multifarious taste and also available various of beverage. Burger Monalisa quite a lot devotees because its taste is typically which have been adapted for the appetite of java people tongue, especially with his mayonnaise sauce. Other menus and burger can be enjoyed at the price of gyrating Rp.7.000, 00. This Monalisa booth always have multitude visitor. The place of it resides in Kaliurang Street, crossed Purna Budaya, in west side. This booth opens from at 17.00 - 22.00 WIB.

2. Cheers
Cheers is a dinky cafe which offer various beverage and snacks choice like chocolate float and whitey submarine. The pledge coffee in these Cheers is having creamy taste with sweet nuance of ice-cream vanilla. This Cafe located in Flamboyan Street 37 Deresan, open every day at 14.00 wIB till midnight.

3. Blandongan
Blandongan is coffee shop providing a lot of simple long wood chair and desks with wide place lesehan to accommodate remarkable many customers. Competent though referred cafe but Blandongan nuance not too beautiful like other cafes in general. Besides coffee, also available very simple food like jajanan pasar and multifarious cake for friend drink coffee. For very hungry customer, available wrap rice style angkringan. This Coffee shop is it’s said founded by arek-arek East Java, reside in the near by train latch Gowok. For the price of every dish menu is very cheap so that this matter making the cafe have the extraordinary customers.

2. Own Kafe Sagan
As the balmy place squat, Own Kafe Sagan provides the typical cafe dish like OwnSandwich, Beef Sandwich, French Fries, Hot Chocolate, and Hot Capucinno. Besides, this cafe is also provided with hot spot and notebook property of Own Kafe Sagan. Messroom is also even reserved for the meeting space, public space and VIP space. Own Kafe Sagan located in Dewi Sartika Street No.18 Sagan, telephone 0274-519001, opening every day at 11.30 - 02.00 WIB.

3. Warung Poci Asto Mulyo
As according to his name, tea poci is this booth pledge menu. Besides, also available some food like burned bread, warm beverage, soft drink till grog. This Poci booth located in other side of child play garden in area Kaliurang tour place.

4. Via-Via
This Via-Via standing since 1995 is the one of the franchise branch from Via-Via cafe in Belgia. Besides providing various type coffee and beverage, this cafe provide multifariously menu of Indonesian food and international food. Via-Via also provide various program activity of culture like aspect swan song exhibition, ripe courses of Indonesian food, batik courses, till tour program to some tour place. Via-Via Cafe located in area tourist in Prawirotaman Street 30, from Parangtritis street about 500 metre steps into the east direction. For price every served menu gyrate Rp.12.500, 00 - Rp.58.000, 00.

5. Teh Poci Pakualaman
Its place enough engross to relax and fiddle faddle with kith, felt balmy under tree lushness which is his giant root hang pendant everywhere. To accompany drink the tea poci, available food like intestine sate, burned jadah and chicken ceker. This tearoom located in house yard Pakualaman family, Keraton Pakualam in Sultan Agung Street, Yogyakarta, start open every day start at 17.00 - 02.00 WIB.

6. Bengawan Solo
This cafe provides the facility hot spot area for customer to access internet, have the pledge menu Iced Blended Coffee and Brandy Cookies which is in demand ordered by visitors. Cafe Bengawan Solo Jogja resides in two locations that are in crossroad of Colombo Street and Prof. Yohanes Street, in front of hostel building MM UGM, and in Galleria Mall. This cafe open every Monday till Thursday at 08.00 - 23.00 WIB and every Friday till Sunday at 08.00 - 01.00 WIB. The price to every menu gyrate Rp.7.500, 00 - Rp.23.500, 00.

7. Meltingpot
Its place is balmy and designed with formerly nuance. The things that making the visitor staying forbear of course caused by facility hot spot and could also live performance there. The menu is various, for example pizza, pasta, burger, coffee and burned bread. Which is always make visitor miss with Meltingpot is burned bread which inspires the appetite. Cafe Meltingpot located in Ring Road Utara Street 4 Sawit Sari Yogyakarta. Open every day from at 11.00 - 00.00 WIB.

8. Beverly
Snack in the form of bread or burned maize to be presented in this place with multifarious taste. There is burned bread corned beef, smoked beef, omelet, banana, brown and cheese. Also is burned maize nano-nano cheese (maize of briny sweet flavour and scattered by the cheese of it). Burned bread Beverly located in Prof. Johanes Street, road to north Galeria Mall, and also in Gejayan Street precisely southside of selokan mataram. To enjoy the burned bread and burned maize, customers only pay about Rp.10.000, 00.

9. Djendelo
The food and beverage which offered is enough various and his price even also cheap enough for student. By the name of odd which, visitor is sometime made confuse with the provided menu, but don't worry caused by explanation of the menu written in menu list. Added again, service hot spot able to be enjoyed by the incoming visitor. Djendelo located in crossroad of Gejayan Street (now Affandi Street) precisely in up floor of bookstore Toga Mas Yogyakarta. Because his situation is precise above bookstore of course give the plus value at this place. Because in the end a lot of incoming students pay a visit to this place, more than anything else the place is also supports to do the discussion and relax between two lights. With traditional dressy settlement, have become the separate fascinations for incoming visitor. This Cafe open Monday till Saturday start at 12.00 - 23.00 WIB, is while Sunday open start at 16.00 - 23.00 WIB. Sometime in event selected Djendelo is often used to perform the exhibition or discussion with.


1. Waroeng Steak
Waroeng Steak offer the dish choice steak special of beef, chicken, shrimp and fish, and also beverage like milkshake and fruits juice. Steak typically Waroeng is always presented in hot plate with sprinkled Brown Sauce, jell brown sauce is from crispy flesh broth and aroma spices. Waroeng Steak can be found in many places in Jogja, for example in Cendrawasih Street 30 Demangan, Colombo Street 22 Samirono, Taman Siswa Street 83, HOS Cokroaminoto Street 49 and Kaliurang Street km 5, 5. This Waroeng Steak open every day at 12.00 - 22.00 WIB, on Friday open at 13.00 - 22.00 WIB. The prices in this restaurant even also cheap relative compared to steak price usually in hotels.

2. Gita Buana
One of the menu can be selected is Sirloin Steak with Mushroom sauce, the one of the incoming visitor favorite menu. If compared to his price with Waroeng Steak truely rather costlier. But advantage of visitor can choose are rare, medium or well done, altogether at the discretion of visitor. Gita Buana not only provides steak but also other menu like Chinese food. Gita Buana located in Laksda Adi Sucipto Street or Solo Street, Yogyakarta.


1. Resto Moro Lejar
Typical menu which provided for example bream menus, sour vegetable, lalapan complete with sambal terasi, and also multifarious of beverage. There is fresh fish choice of carp, gold, nila or stromateus. You remain to ask will be fried or burned, flavoured by the hot acid or sweet acid, small size dish or big super dish of food offered to guests. One of the typical beverage types is beer ' plethok', the non alcoholic beer. This beverage be in fact is absinth warmer drink as does wedang ginger, sekoteng or bajigur. To add the romantic and easy going atmosphere, provided tens of gubug (saung) standing of the freshwater fishpond is intentionally made in bevel surface of the land of his terraces contour. You can enjoy delicacy dish available menu at the same time joke with family or friends. This restaurant beyond town, precisely go to north up Yogyakarta. Its location relative reside in the mountain area, though be in fact a long way off in east side of mount Merapi. To go to this place, you can through Kaliurang Street go to north up at Pakem. Nearing hitting town Pakem, there is the intersecting street luff to right go to the east is walking the alternative go to the town Solo. About 3-4 km fringe this street hence you'd find the restaurant Moro Lejar. These restaurants open every day from noon till at 21.00 WIB.

2. Resto Udang Galah Mang Engking
Special menu from this gubug Mang Engking is burned shrimp honey. Pole shrimp with chromatic orange and smeared of honey. Its shrimp will taste sweet because his honey so that we can suck from head till his husk. This restaurant located in Godean Street km 16, residing in middle of development pole shrimp tour area Sleman, telephone 0274-7489735. To enjoy the pole shrimp menu at least customer ready pay for Rp.100.000, 00 for every kg and able to be dined for three or four person.

3. Restoran Timbul Roso
This restaurant provide menu completely fish like gurameh, stromateus, nila and etcetera. This restaurant woke up in the middle of lawn, in between the melinjo tree, jackfruit and etcetera, in the form of artistic wood houses. Flower crop, rill and fishpond add comfort atmosphere. This restaurant located in Cangkringan Street km 3, 5 Pakem, Yogyakarta, telephone 0274-897217.

4. Boyong Kalegan
This restaurant only providing the bream menu like gurameh, nila and stromateus, which processed become assorted cookery besides burned or fried. Dish of food offered to guests also available others various vegetable like cah kangkung, vegetable lodeh, and etcetera. This restaurant located in Pakem (road to kaliurang), precisely near by the Boyong river bridge.

5. Bebaqaran
Entree in this restaurant is bream food like burned gurameh and nila. Also available other food like burned shrimp, squid and chicken. For the complement of the entree provided raw sambal which taste rather hot. This restaurant open in three places locate in Dr.Sutomo Street (near by Mataram Cinema), in Kaliurang Street km 6 (near by Kimia Farma pharmacy) and in Ring Road Utara Street (near by UPN campus). All dishes can be enjoyed at the reached price.

6. Sagan Resto
Sagan Resto Seafood & Lounge attend specially to all seafood lovers. This restaurant offer various interesting facility able to be enjoyed like meeting room and hot spot watering down for the wishing carry out meeting. The menu on the market Sagan Resto for example crab maize soups, black peppercorn crab, broccoli cah shrimp, sapo soybean cake seafood, ox hot plate Mongolia, shrimp mayonnaise, burned squid terasi, burned fish sagan, fried crab the briny egg and lobster chili sauce. Food price is here costly relative but the taste is the best. This restaurant located in Colombo Street No.35 Yogyakarta, open every day from 10.00 - 00.00 WIB.

7. Bandara
Special menu which on the market in this seafood restaurant for example kare fish head burned fish, burned squid, burned shrimp, shark sate, black peppercorn crab and shark soup. All menus can be enjoyed at the economic price. This restaurant located in KH. Muhdi Street, Nayan, Maguwoharjo, precisely rear Hotel Quality. This restaurant located in rice field area and encircled by fish fishing pool.


1. Lombok Ijo Sego Abang
In this place you'd enjoy sego abang (red rice) with paprika vegetable ijo (green pepper) typical of mount Kidul. Its Red rice does not too differ from the ordinary rice, only more Iump and fresh aroma. His paprika vegetable ijo taste like vegetable lodeh with tempe and a lot of thinly slices of the green pepper. It's taste Crispy sweet meagrely and not too hot because its green pepper seed not follow into the vegetable. As complement, available chicken and tempe fried bacem that very suited for accompanies this dish. This restaurant located in Pakem - Turi Street km 1, with big goodly nameplate shown by the roadside write down ' Lombok Ijo Sego Abang'

2. Jirak
This eat booth do not have the nameplate. His customers prefer to call it Jirak or nJirak reputedly Javanese, a local phrase which mean the bridge. Fair to middling space in it wide, more than anything else if you choose to sit in lesehan in plank bed that have mat pallet. Its food in the form of cething red rice, green paprika vegetable, leaf vegetable kates (papaw), fried empal, iso (intestine) bacem and fried wader (little fish). Its price even also very reached. His one portion price is about fifteen thousands Rupiah, but proportional with his delicacy. This eat booth location reside in the main road unfold from town Wonosari go to Semanu, about 7 km of downtown. Precisely before bridge, there is building made from gedheg (geribik) young blue chromatic in the street right side. Though the place very simple, but this is capital of sego abang Indonesia.

3. Bubur Ayam Phuket
Mush Phuket is thailand food but have been modified for Indonesian people tongue, by lessening the him acid and hot which accomodated. If there are any devotees of real Thailand food, ask the original version to the Chef which still bleed Thailand. Though the name of Bubur Ayam Phuket, but this food not merely chicken mush. Various other Thailand food popular exist here. The menu presented in this restaurant for example Salad Pepaya Muda. The papaw still raw slice thinly with tomato, cucumber and scattered by the bean box. His dressing gives the hot fresh sour sensation piercingly its aroma garlic jab. The core important menu of course Bubur Ayam Phuket which is his portion really big and release aroma sereh pleasant fragrant. This restaurant located in station flyover south Lempuyangan, open from at 05.00 - 23.00 WIB.

4. Nasi Goreng Kambing Kotabaru
This eat booth not too wide, only containing one enough desk of length is with a few plastic chairs in its two sides. Additional seat exist outside, lesehan have mat pallet in pavement. This fried rice kotabaru have alone specification. This typically goat fried rice kotabaru taste is from usage of leek and oil samin that giving the jelling aura 'desert dish'. Aroma central-east that lure unite perfection by the crispy sweet fried rice taste and hot enough. Usage of mutton is of course bringing separate idiosyncrasy. Crosscut by mutton of little dice taste crispy, soft and aroma typicalness and also provided with the definitive chips emping and piccalilli inspireed your eat appetite. These eat booth location located in pavement Juwadi Street (rear Telkom). With money is less than ten thousand, customer have enjoyed enjoyment traditionally taste of Fried rice Kambing Kotabaru shall satisfy.

5. Warung Makan Nasi Merah Taman Kuliner
Red rice trusted good to diet, but fixed have the typically taste and delicious because red rice in Taman Kuliner made by the experienced cooky. Atmosphere eat in this place offer the garden concept with air-gap will one with nature. Desk and chair arranged by like town garden. If we enjoy the food in Taman Kuliner in the night hence his atmospheres progressively enjoy. With night light breeze puff, you can look into the star in the sky is difficult found in other restaurant. Besides eat place, Taman Kuliner also become the place refreshing the pleasantness for family. At the same time await the ordered food, children can play at in play garden area at Taman Kuliner which truely enough wide. Taman Kuliner also has the complete supporter facility like toilet or bathroom, mushola, information center, and wide park area. Price food problem not necessarily worry, customer not necessarily pay costly to enjoy the delicious food in Taman Kuliner. Food price in Taman Kuliner gyrate Rp.5000, 00 - Rp.15.000, 00. This restaurant located in area Pandean Sari, Condongcatur, Depok Sleman. Garden Kuliner opens at 10.00 - 22.00 WIB.


Gado-gado / hodgepodge is a salad eaten with peanut sauce and
Lotek is raw vegetable salad served with spicy sauce

1. Lotek dan Gado-Gado Teteg
His Lotek and hodgepodge have taste more scrumptious if compared to the other place, besides his measure which truely rather jumbo. His flavour also measuring even made always snugly. For example is order of 10 bale of hodgepodge or lotek, hence his flavour is also made to 10 bale without lessened. Which is enough draw is his cobek have diameter of 80 CM. With giant cobek like that, the order many will be more quickly served. That is what makes the taste always awake middlely of emulation. This lotek booth located in eastside bridge Lempuyangan, open every day from morning till close.

2. Lotek dan Gado-Gado Colombo
This restaurant have ever been chummy enough and become the favorite for some of Jogja societies. Its have clean room and enough wide that can only accomodate about tens people. Hodgepodge is one of the pledge menus. Differentiating from other place is his flavour taste is typical and egg braise intact circular (other place usually cut in two). Besides hodgepodge, you also be able to enjoy lotek. The characteristic differentiate with lotek and hodgepodge in other place is the existence of onion slices every dish and the bakwan is drier and not puffy. Besides lotek and hodgepodge, this booth also provides lontong opor. Booth lotek and hodgepodge colombo or Bu Bagyo reside in Moses Gatotkaca Street Mrican.

3. Gado-Gado Bu Hadi Beringharjo
The booths offer the hodgepodge menu in Jogja might not counted the amount. But the Mrs.Hadi hodgepodge standing since year of 1952 is the pioner hodgepodge. This Hodgepodge booth has gone about in many places caused by relocation, but remains can’t duck out the incursion of customers. Now booth Gado-Gado Bu Hadi has owned three branches that are in Malioboro Mall, Ramai Mall, and in Nyai Ahmad Dahlan Street Jogja.


1. Bale Raos
In this restaurant, you'd served with menu list with unique food names, not because of using the java Ianguage, like for example 'Lombok Kethok', 'Vegetable Klenyer', 'Tread Kucing', 'Urip-Urip Gulung' or 'Fried Duck Ungkep', but also you can know the which dish which is favorite each Sultan, from Sri Sultan HB VII (1877-1921) up to Sri Sultan HB X and GKR Hemas. You'd be given by the explanation concerning the menus in Indonesian and English to facilitate the understanding will fill the dish you to order. For beverage, you can try 'Beer Djawa' which not alcoholic because made of ginger ingredient, wood secang, clove, lemon orange, and others. Besides, this restaurant also provide the other traditional beverage like 'Rice Kencur', 'Secang', 'Sereh', 'Tea Cinnamon' and or 'Tea Gadjah nDekem', that is sweet tea which presented with poci terakota and presented with lump sugar. You require using opportunity intentionally come by to Bale Ros after exit your visit from Keraton and its surroundings, because his location nearby market Ngasem and Tamansari, precisely in Magangan Kulon Street No.1, phone/fax: 0274-415550.

2. Kedai 3 Nyonya
This restaurant presents the typical special menu of halfblooded Chinese family house kitchen. Restaurant Kedai 3 Nyonya which in Jakarta have thrice successively get the Indonesian appreciation Tatler as best restaurant of food and given service. In Jogja this shop newly open the year of 2007. This restaurant serve various typical menu like appetizer Soka Salad Mango is the made salad of mango slice with fried crispy soften eggshell crab and sprinkled with sauce typically which is cut fine vegetables from briny ketchup, coriander leaf and shallot slice. The core important Menu is burned fish special three ladies is customer favorite menu. Fish break is the husk of his flesh is soft and thick burned with flavour mixed typically choir of sambal ketchup and dabu-dabu ala Manado. Also available various beverage dish, start from typical beverage Java, Chinese till Europe, and also conclusion food like ice of three ladies in the form of mix ice contain the mango candy, cincau, papyrus fruit, kolang kaling and sweet basil and sprinkled by the lime and sugar syrup, or ice Puan Malaka containing of marrow mush, tapai black soft rice, soft rice of green added by the sprinkled by the jackfruit slice of coconut mink and also sauce demerara of it. For the price of, food is here costly relative, about to one people can reach Rp.30.000, 00 to once eat and drink. Shop Tiga Nyonya occupies the building that has halfblooded Chinese architecture which arranged with concept interior very typical and beautiful design.


1. Tasikmalaya
In this place, you can enjoy pepes chicken. Its chicken is very soft with the flavour not too dominant. The crispyly taste diffuse into flesh really snugly, even not briny at all. This chicken thus enjoy exactly because the taste very simple. More than anything else if solid with his sambal which is have goal feel strong. Other enjoyment is nipping his crispy bone and soft at the same time suck his hidden marrow. Idiosyncrasy of this food here is his food which is has Sunda individuality. This booth Tasikmalaya located in Kaliurang Street, precisely across the komplek Graha Sabha Pramana (GSP).

2. Sego Penyetan Khas Banyuwangi
The food menus on the market enough vary, there is soybean cake, tempe (fermented soybean), egg, chicken, rempelo ati and various fish type available here. Besides this restaurant also provide kinds of pepes. Special dish of this restaurant is sambal raw which really pampering the tongue. The price is also very cheap. This restaurant located in three places that is in Kaliurang Street km 11, there is big nameplate in roadside, in Kaliurang Street km 7 beside Graha Sabha UGM, and in Babarsari Raya Street beside booth SS.

3. Tahu Lontong Blora Bu Puji
By its name, especial menu of this booth is tahu lontong. The menu is in the form of fried white soybean cake, the pounded garlic and chili and then added by fried pound peanuts. After refinement, condensed tan water, the possibility of tamarind and sugar water, added till become the watery gravy of brown. White soybean cake which have matured to be cut into pieces, so also the lontong. After given by the bean sprouts braise, his gravy is sprinkled and food is ready to be served. Its taste typically, make your eat experience not fall into oblivion. Surely you'd addictive to come returning. This eat booth located in area Baciro, precisely on the left Melati Wetan Street is a booth geribik bamboo with banner turn yellow aglow write down to squeeze " Tahu Lontong Blora Bu Puji". This booth open to start at 9.00 am till 3.00 pm.

4. Somay Telkom
Somay which on the market immeasurable enough, there is somay ordinary, somay soybean cake, kol, potato and egg. For sensation taste more crunchy and crispy, you could ask the somay get fried formerly. Its price could be told costly enough. To two siomay, two kol and one potato (is altogether fried) plus of one drinking glass, you require to pay for Rp.5.700, 00. But his price is proportional with goal likely luring. This somay booth located in the back of building Telkom Kotabaru, open to start at 10.00 am till 09.00 pm.

5. Depot Blora
The menu presented in this restaurant for example, opor, sate, eggs braise and rice coto chicken Blora which is having trasparent gravy because does not wear santan. Restaurant presenting this typical menu Blora truely very special and have is enough recognized especially in Yogyakarta. In this restaurant famous with menu Sate Blora is the especial menu to be tried. Depot Blora located in area Sagan precisely in Prof. Dr. Ir. Herman Yohanes Street No.1065, Yogyakarta. This restaurant serves the order for you wish this place for the family event.


1. SPC Bulak Sumur
This restaurant is very compatible once to breakfast because have light goal likely. In this restaurant there are some long desks which enough accommodate about 30 people. In this restaurant you can enjoy the rice pecel and mixed rice, with side dish the flour fried tempe, egg ceplok, broil rempelo ati, chicken crispy. Special which in this restaurant is presentation of the rice pecel is put in above of bamboo matting fresh green banana leaf pallet. Appearance 'back to nature' can become the secret arm to draw customers. This restaurant located in periphery Selokan Mataram Street, crossed by the faculty of veterinary UGM, open every day at 06.30 am till night.

2. SGPC Bu Wiryo
This SGPC is the most favorite eat place and legend for students UGM. Its popular is proved by pass the customers car consecution parked in roadside (park in road because SGPC Bu Wiryo not yet had parking lot). If you look for the place eat with image people but remain exclusive, it SGPC Bu Wiryo the place. In this restaurant present the side dish enough vary. You can enjoy the soybean cake, tempe, egg ceplok, quill egg sate, bakwan even Lurid asem (a kind of pepes chicken with green tomato flavour and belimbing wuluh). For his presentation, SGPC have fair to presented middling portion, present in glass plate not in banana leaf wide plate. At the same time enjoy SGPC in this booth, you is amused by direct appearance of orchestra that have acoustic nuance, complete with bass thumping betot giant. Cool band have coronet this Gedank Kepok to invite the customers picnic to the past by nostalgia Javanese song circuity bewitchingly played. Booth SGPC Bu Wiryo located in periphery Selokan Mataram crossed by the faculty of veterinary UGM.

3. SGPC Ambarukmo
Idiosyncrasy this SGPC lay in his sambal pecel which bite the tongue and hot. Feel crispy and hot of his bean flavour wrap freshly of the delicious bean sprouts and spinach. His sambal is really snugly with warm rice. Is more than anything else added tempe or the crunchy fried bakwan. SGPC AMBARUKMO located in other side Plaza Ambarukmo, Solo Street. You can enjoy this sego pecel since at 07.00 am till 02.00 pm.


1. Tongseng Koypok Mbah Ganis

Especial menu in this restaurant is tongseng kopyok, different with other tongseng. This place have way presentation of his flesh which jabed like sate and also mix egg into his gravy and customers can choose one from the three flesh on the market. Namely like goat, hare and chicken. Tongseng generally tend to be like solidarity of gravy oseng-oseng with gravy gulai. If you don't like tongseng, still available interesting other menu to be tried like fried rice till fried noodle. The enjoyment of this food is obtainable only with Rp.8.000, 00 to one portion. This restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in object area wisata Telaga Putri, Kaliurang. Many tourists are easy to remember his location and also enjoyment of food in this restaurant.


1. Mangut Lele Jetis
If you have resided in this restaurant don't direct dine mangut lele, but taste a head gudangan or trancam which in the form of fresh lalapan of papaw leaf, spinach, turi, sprout, cucumber, and leaf puyang. It's delicious because his sambal in one of young coconut rasp and java sugar. If less like the gudangan, you can change the sambal with oseng-oseng green paprika and its green pepper is let intact. Who like the appetizer rather heavy; you better try tela kluwo or baceman gembus and kara. Its unique name of It, unique of form and taste and also your tongue can wiggle boisterously. Telo kluwo is ripe cassava use the coconut fiber, given by the coconut mink gravy. The taste can crispy or sweet. Baceman gembus made of the dregs soybean cake and tempe kara, brooded a few moments in water with garlic and shallot flavour, greeting leaf, salt and java sugar before fried. If still wish to enjoy other dish 'ndeso', this booth also provide bothok that is sambal from young coconut which mixed with the fruit manding and wrapped with banana leaf. Also available 'gathot' and ' thiwul' (both made of cassava). There are also available 'jenang abang' (red mush) and 'intip' (rice crust). This booth located in periphery Imogiri Barat Street, precisely left beside crossroad Jetis, Bulus, Bantul.

2. Pecel Lele Mbah Giyah
Don't look into from his booth form but feel the food lele. Booth Mbah Giyah only in the form of shack, but this booth is logistics supplier lunch visitors Sendang. This place is in demand once so that customers have to queue up to enter the kitchen to help they self to choice the menu to eat. Freely, free service, please choose, fried lele or mangut lele or both. Idiosyncrasy both of this food is fried lele and mangut lele jabed a lath of bamboo, is while the mangut gravy provided with tempe slice. The fried eel is also bigger than the others place. This shack booth located in countryside Sendang, Sembungan, Bangunjiwo, Bantul.

3. Mangut Welut dari Godean
The menu on the market enough vary. You can enjoy gudeg, lele, side dish baceman, egg, wader (fried small fish crunchy) and mangut welut. Because the serve merely a mother and his husband hence you have to patient wait the dish. The goal feel typically "very Indonesia" make this booth inhale attention many customers. Although this place is very simple but goal likely cannot be referred modestly. This booth precise located in front of market spandrel Godean, if confuse you can ask the people around.


1. Pak Narto
Mr Narto meatballs with goal feel bakso of blood-vessel is mak nyus or very delicious. Although place of him do not so wide but always full of visitor. If full of visitor again, hence bearing with to await the innings. One portion of Mr. Narto meatballs can be enjoyed at the price of Rp.5.000, 00. Booth Mr. Narto located in Kaliurang Street km 6,5 , before field Kenthungan and in Gejayan Street near by red bridge.

2. Bawor
The meatballs maniac surely have recognized with Bawor meatballs. If you were hobby eat, this place is very compatible because these Bawor meatballs do not use the fighting cock mug becoming trade meatballs booth mark, but ordinary mug which is his measure is bigger. Although so, the meatballs merely are three medium sizes, some fried bakso which have been cut and soybean cake slice. The tough and crispy meatballs and also sometimes decorated by the settled blood-vessel truely especial fascination at his noodles. This booth Bawor located in countrified heart which rather hidden that is Samirono. Near by hostel putri SMU Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta. To go there, you also able come from north direction, of crossroad Samirono-UNY Street southerly. Follow the kampong street, diametrical and not far walk turn to left, not far from that turn, you can find Bawor meatballs.

3. Bakso Kubis Kridosono
The bakso devotee possibly asking around what is that cabbage meatballs? Cabbage meatballs are meatbalss ordinary but are meddled by the cabbage into the meatballs. But for the customer who do not wish the cabbage mixture might possibly spell out members at the seller. With mixture fried meatballs and not fatty bones with a bit of adhering meat, cabbage meatballs is always enthused by the visitor. At the price of Rp.5.000, 00, a cabbage meatballs bowl can be enjoyed. Cabbage meatballs located in field canteen Kridosono and the only one in Yogyakarta.


1. Bang Udin
The goat foot soup Bang Udin is famous enough tent booth in Jogja. In line of the visitor queue up show what a in demand this booth. But it's to bad if rains come, usually also downhill amount of visitors. For problem taste, this soup no two him. Besides his gravy is thicker, oil samin also more, so that sop easier and spicy.

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